The issue of climate change has never been more front of mind And the travel industry is increasingly playing its part in helping to reduce carbon emissions.

But could the industry and associated businesses do more…

Travlrr are proud to have launched an exciting global first sustainability initiative to help Brands, Marketing teams, In-House content teams, Publishers, Media owners, Platforms and Agencies in the Travel, Tourism and Experience sector to reduce their carbon footprint

This involves businesses making a small change to the way they create content and embrace a platform like Travlrr, enabling the Marketing and Content teams reduce their carbon footprint today in the Marketing & Advertising industry.

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Travlrr are making great strides in the content creation space for brands cutting out the huge costs associated with creating foreign content. Firstly brands have audiences that demand more and more content and brands have tight budgets and therefore a platform like Travlrr enables them to stretch their budgets further. 

Secondly we have a really interesting story to tell when it comes to sustainability - cutting down on carbon emissions by embracing technology and reducing the necessity of flying production crews all over the world while also supporting local communities by employing local talent. 

Travlrr has partnered with award-winning conservation charity Trees for Life ( )with an innovative sustainability initiative.

For every production or Influencer brief commissioned on the platform, Travlrr will plant native Scottish Trees in the Caledonian Highlands to the equivalent of 7500kg of carbon emissions or the same as an average household produces in seven months. 

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Partner Quotes

Bruce Daisley Twitters VP of Europe said " We are already working with Travlrr to support our clients substantial growth in the use of our video formats and data, the timely contribution to change the tide of global deforestation shows inspiring leadership. that is happening right now".

David Meany Director of Partnerships The Travel Corporation said The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands including Trafalgar, Contiki and Insight Vacations are collaborating with Travlrr to support our brands ever growing need for quality content production. Travlrr’s sustainability values are closely aligned with TreadRight – TTCs not for profit organisation - which uses the power of travel to have a positive impact on the worlds people, planet and wildlife”


David Sanderson, Head of AdSmart Local said "Sky work closely with Travlrr to encourage and support new to TV advertisers on AdSmart. Travlrr’s initiative to plant trees and offset 7500kg of their carbon emissions in the Scottish Highlands every time a new client commission's content or a TV ad for AdSmart is truly innovative.  This is a simple and effective change in the way production is created and can help address the well documented issues across the globe of deforestation… and it can happen today"

TFL Logo 2019 PRINT_GREEN.png

Steve Micklewright, Trees for Life’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “This initiative from Travlrr will make a real difference to the restoration of Scotland’s beautiful Caledonian Forest, and to tackling climate change. It’s wonderful news for Scotland’s equivalent of a rainforest, and it will generate long-lasting benefits for woodlands, wildlife and people.”