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Twitter Amplify Partnership

Travlrr are working with Twitter in the Travel & Food sectors to create bespoke content for their Twitter Amplify platform solution. We have partnered with Great British Chefs to create authentic content which focuses around country locations and food. 

Leveraging Travlrr’s network of high-quality international video production partners and Great British Chefs’ publishing experience, relationships with Chef talent and social following. 

Travlrr and Great British Chefs can produce series’ of premium

videos showcasing the intrinsic relationship between travel, whether it be domestic / European / international), food and talent. 

Video concepts can be developed to deliver on the objectives and story-telling requirements of the brand partner, eg. geographical remit, product placement, CTA slates with chef personas. 

As a Twitter Amplify content partner, we can offer our customers a variety of distribution packages based on your brands requirements. 

Fully flexible targeting

Cover the basics. Select the appropriate location, language and optional device targeting options before selecting additional targeting criteria.

Select one audience targeting type for each campaign. Choose from follower, keyword, behaviour, interest or Tailored Audiences targeting to get meaningful insights into your campaign.

Experiment.  Test different targeting approaches to understand which audience is the best fit and which messages resonate with different groups. You may be surprised by what’s most effective for you.


What we do

The only pre-roll experience in a LIVE environment.

Brand integration along with 6” pre-roll can include:

@username mention in Tweet copy

Custom #Hashtag in Tweet copy

Brand mention in Video Title 

Brand mention in Video copy

Video Call To Action

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