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Female Directors showcase

We're the world's only Sustainable  Remote  content creation platform. Every one of our production partners are specially selected, and their work scrutinized, to ensure they match your  exceptionally high standards of work.


We  work with female directors and DOP’s  in the most remote corners of the world. 

Supporting freelancers/independent creators and small time female run production companies through  streamlined access to over 700 ‘vetted’ teams. 


Production: Ubiquity Films
Director: Audrey Mascina
Client: Repetto L'Envol
Country: France

Production: Pokemon Go
Director: Katie Bell
Client: Pokemon
Country: United Kingdom

Production: Abbot Similac Mama
Director: Gina Medina 
Client: Similac Mama
Country: Colombia

Production: Choose Better, Gogoro
Director: Maisy Choi 
Client: Gogoro
Country: Hong Kong 

Production: ROMA
Director: Eloïse
Client: L'oeil d'Eos
Country: France

Production: Life Turns
Director: Emilie Norenberg
Client: POFU
Country: Norway 

Production: Planetarium 
Director: Liv Colliander
Country: Denmark 

Production: Documentary 
Director: Lola Gómez
Client: N/A
Country: Colombia

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