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Food showcase

Working across the world means authentic food in some of the most remote places, and our expert teams are here to capture it. Whatever it is you are craving, we are here to help...


Our production partners can take you to the heart of a city to ensure you capture the most authentic food content possible. Highly crafted and expert production mixed with local knowledge is a perfect recipe for both food and drink promotion.

We have carefully selected production partners within this field to ensure you will be delivering content at the highest possible standard. 


Production: Baklight
Director: Nick Traeger
Client: Tequila Patrón 
Country: Mexico

Production: Filter
Director: Dario Bukovski 
Client: Kutjevo winery
Country: Croatia

Production: GoFat
Director: Emil Johnsen
Client: Gøl 
Country: Denmark

Production: Sailor Productions 
Director: Vallee Duhamel
Client: RITZ 
Country: Canada

Production: Baklight
Director:  Paco Herrera
Client:  Tahona Licor de Agave 
Country: Mexico

Production: KRK Studio
Director: Mateusz Wykurz
Client: Suempol
Country: Poland

Production: P35
Director: Sergio Barata
Client: Sunquick
Country: Portugal

Production: Pronto Film
Director: Simas Lindesis
Client: Jaco
Country: Ukraine

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