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Automotive showcase

We're the world's only premium created content creation platform. Every one of our 700+ production partners are specially selected, and their work scrutinized, to ensure they match our exceptionally high standards. 


MPC and Travlrr have united to launch Sustainable Automotive Production Solutions in a bid to support a more sustainable and greener way to produce automotive content that is kinder to the planet.

The new partnership will utilise both Travlrr’s highly curated global network and MPC’s award-winning global network of VFX talent to create lower emission productions where all carbon emissions can be offset.   

MPC & Travlrr’s Sustainable Automotive Production Solutions aims to break down industry silos by applying local talent to shoot bespoke live-action backgrounds and utilize state of the art technology to put CGI rubber to the tarmac, with absolute realism.

Here is just a small collection of our high quality curated Automotive production partners across the globe and a sample of their Automotive work. 


Production: Republik

Director: Lalli Jonsson

Client: Land Rover & MPC

Country: Iceland

Production: Umbrella Collective

Director: Kinopravda

Client: BMW

Country: Hungary

Production: Central films

Director: Gonzalo Oliveró

Client: Nissan

Country: UAE

Production: Truce Films

Director: Bill Irving

Client: Wunderman Thompson/Ford

Country: Australia

Production: Topo Films

Director: Crispin Cannon

Client: Mazda Canada

Country: Canada

Prod: North of Now

Director: Tyler Funk

Client: Chevrolet 

Country: USA

Production:  Indie Village Creative

Director: Hayden Brown

Client: Subaru

Country: South Africa

Production: Fat Fred

Director: Julius Rooymans

Client: Toyota

Country: The Netherlands

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